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Photo Essay: A Vermont Summer

by Stephanie Choate

Here in northern New England, the weather is notoriously fickle.  Winter is long—a record snowstorm blanketed the state in late April this year—and spring and fall are riddled with raw and rainy days. But for those few months when the world is green, temperatures warm, and the days unbelievably long, we are all convinced that there is no better time and place than summer in Vermont.

Having grown up here, we look forward to certain things each season, and these things have become traditions. We frequent the same swimming holes, hike the same trails, grill the same favorite meals. This summer, our last in Vermont for a while, we wanted to make sure we carried out all of our traditions, as well as do some new things we’ve always had in mind.

Here are a few highlights of our summer in and around Vermont—we think we can call it an incredible success. (more…)