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49 reasons to fly home

Well, the day has come at last for this trip of ours to come to an end. Among many other things, travel allows you to appreciate what makes home, home. This is a quick list of the many things we are looking forward to in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Having fit in well below goldfish crackers and barely above grilled hot dogs, our family and friends should take note that this is in no particular order.

  1. Annie’s mac and cheese
  2. A pint of Heady Topper
  3. A pint of TLA from American Flatbread
  4. A flatbread from American Flatbread
  5. Cabot cheese
  6. The price of gasoline
  7. The price of alcohol
  8. A hot, green summer
  9. A crisp, colorful autumn
  10. A cold, snowy winter
  11. A dresser full of different clothes
  12. People speaking English the way we speak it
  13. Being a local
  14. Maple trees and maple syrup
  15. Gerard’s sourdough bread
  16. Good bagels
  17. The view of Mt. Mansfield from our front window
  18. Our favorite swimming holes
  19. American sports on television
  20. Baseball on the radio
  21. Goldfish crackers
  22. Being able to have a campfire when you go camping
  23. Kettle brand kettle chips
  24. Rolling hills covered in trees
  25. Fireflies
  26. Wiffleball
  27. Friends
  28. Family
  29. Grilled hot dogs
  30. Large pizzas that are actually large
  31. Having a house
  32. Seeing animals other than sheep
  33. Farmhouses
  34. Good mexican food
  35. Fast, free internet
  36. A night out in Burlington
  37. Thunderstorms
  38. Accurate weather forecasts
  39. Having a job
  40. Having money
  41. Men wearing shorts that cover their white thighs
  42. Cheerios
  43. Christmas in winter
  44. Thanksgiving
  45. The 4th of July
  46. Being able to forget that the sport of cricket exists
  47. Road trips to Maine
  48. Pandora radio
  49. Living in a country where rat tails are not considered fashionable

We do have several more things to share here before our lives slide into un-bloggable routine, but it will have to wait till we are on the couch stuffing our faces with a nice fat bowl of Cheerios.