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Australia Through Five Eyes

Between some lazy days enjoying our idyllic back yard and the late summer sunshine, we’ve finally been able to catch up on some editing.  This is the first of two videos covering our 82 days and 10,000 miles across Australia.

Strung around the outskirts of a vast, empty interior, Australia boasts a captivating array of landscapes— lush rainforest, snowcapped mountains, miles and miles of rugged coastline, towering gum trees, some of the world’s finest swimming holes, the beautiful city of Sydney. And, of course, in the middle of it all, the most famous rock in the world


A Lazy Sunday

Here are some snippets from a hard day in the life of us.

An afternoon in a tree…

…and an evening in a sea of lupines.

Taken in and around Omarama, New Zealand.

Gone tubin’

Driving through the Marlborough Sounds a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon a small slice of Vermont half the world away.  With green mountains rolling down to fields of dairy cows and a rocky gorge carved by a crystal clear river, the countryside around Pelorus Bridge is a near perfect rendition of home.

It fast became one of our favorite spots as the first night we stumbled upon a free buffet- mutton, roast potatoes and whole chickens for the taking!  The rest of our time was spent playing cards, trying to drink enough 4% beer to feel something, and – one of our favorite summer pastimes back home – tubing down the river.

As an added bonus, we discovered that next month Peter Jackson and Co. will be taking over the campground to film sections of The Hobbit here— specifically, a scene in which Bilbo and the dwarves clamber into barrels and raft the very same river!

The sunny side

New Zealand’s west coast is a captivating collection of lonely beaches,  emerald rainforest, soggy sheep, and impressive glaciated peaks (when the sun’s out).

On this day we woke to wind-driven rain, but thankfully the Southern Alps often cast a formidable rain shadow on their leeward lowlands. After a brief walk in the woods we drove east in hopes of emerging on the sunny side.

You’ll also notice we finally have a friend!  Our good friend Alex from Vancouver, BC will be joining us for the rest of our time in New Zealand.

A note from the editor

I imagine some of you may be wondering now: where are the videos?  Didn’t you spend half of your travel savings on a fancy new camera before you left? Weren’t we promised Southeast Asia: Part 2? Have you given up your one humble attempt at a productive activity and succumbed to a 24/7 vacation lifestyle?

On the contrary. We are still shooting video alongside all these blog photos, quite a lot actually. Hard drives are filling up, and Steph has started to ignore requests like, “go back and walk that part over again” and, “hey, climb up there and jump into the water one more time.” But, yes, it is true that we haven’t posted a video in a long time, and I’ve prepared two excuses:

Excuse #1: We got lazy.  Upon arriving in El Nido in late April, we were ready for a break. We’d been shooting, editing, and traveling in the developing world for three months and thoughts of accomplishing anything quickly went out the window upon sighting Las Cabanas beach. We ate mangos. We swam. We sat. We bought large bottles of  rum for US$1.50 and drank them. We did everything but edit Southeast Asia: Part 2.  So there you have it.

Excuse #2:  We live in a tent.  It turns out technological endeavors and camping do not mix. Essential things like electricity and comfy chairs do not exist. Thoughts of staying up late and editing with an ample supply of electronic music are replaced with thoughts like, “is there anything to eat besides pasta?” It is impossible to capture, convert, log, edit, and upload footage with our current lifestyle, and these tasks will have to wait.

If all goes well, in three months we will be in New Zealand with a semi-permanent roof over our heads and some steady work. Eventually, we’re hoping to post two or three Australia videos which will be a bit different from ones past but equally entertaining.  And, of course, some New Zealand adventures.  Southeast Asia:Part 2 may come along as well, though we may end up saving some for an end-of-trip, extra artsy, grand finale short film.  We’ll see.  For now, enjoy the photos.

…our latest love/hate backpacking trip from the Northern Territory is coming soon.

your video editor,


Japan Through Five Eyes

First and foremost, our thoughts are with everyone in Japan right now affected by the earthquake. Having grown to love the place in our five weeks there, it is especially heartbreaking to see the devastation. It is an amazing country that you should definitely visit if you ever get the chance.

This is the first video in a series highlighting our fifteen-months across the Pacific. It’s 14 minutes long so get comfortable, grab a beer and watch it fullscreen if your bandwidth allows! Turning off HD will make for a faster load. Enjoy!

Skiing and soaking at Hakuginso Onsen

In thousands of places across Japan, rivers heated by volcanic activity spill into beautiful rock-lined hot springs, known as onsen.

Hakuginso Onsen is one of many located along the edges of Daisetsuzan National Park and the Tokachi mountain range, among the tallest peaks in Hokkaido. The picturesque lodge, built to house the onsen, also provides access to some of the best backcountry skiing on the island—literally right out the front door.

Our home for the week!


It’s All True

Skiing in Japan is everything we expected it to be, and then some.  Unbelievably deep snow, perfectly spaced birch trees, pillows, and no one here to ski it.  This is a quick one teaser from our first day at Rusutsu…taken at 2pm.

Five Eyes Films 2010 Reel

Highlights from the last three years of video production here in Vermont.  Shot on a Canon XH-A1 HDV camera, Go Pro HD, and edited in Final Cut Pro.  Clients include Mountain Sports International, Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Vermont Department of Tourism, Ski the East LLC, the Mad River Rocket Company, and Spike Adveristing.

Please turn HD on for the best quality!