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A note from the editor

I imagine some of you may be wondering now: where are the videos?  Didn’t you spend half of your travel savings on a fancy new camera before you left? Weren’t we promised Southeast Asia: Part 2? Have you given up your one humble attempt at a productive activity and succumbed to a 24/7 vacation lifestyle?

On the contrary. We are still shooting video alongside all these blog photos, quite a lot actually. Hard drives are filling up, and Steph has started to ignore requests like, “go back and walk that part over again” and, “hey, climb up there and jump into the water one more time.” But, yes, it is true that we haven’t posted a video in a long time, and I’ve prepared two excuses:

Excuse #1: We got lazy.  Upon arriving in El Nido in late April, we were ready for a break. We’d been shooting, editing, and traveling in the developing world for three months and thoughts of accomplishing anything quickly went out the window upon sighting Las Cabanas beach. We ate mangos. We swam. We sat. We bought large bottles of  rum for US$1.50 and drank them. We did everything but edit Southeast Asia: Part 2.  So there you have it.

Excuse #2:  We live in a tent.  It turns out technological endeavors and camping do not mix. Essential things like electricity and comfy chairs do not exist. Thoughts of staying up late and editing with an ample supply of electronic music are replaced with thoughts like, “is there anything to eat besides pasta?” It is impossible to capture, convert, log, edit, and upload footage with our current lifestyle, and these tasks will have to wait.

If all goes well, in three months we will be in New Zealand with a semi-permanent roof over our heads and some steady work. Eventually, we’re hoping to post two or three Australia videos which will be a bit different from ones past but equally entertaining.  And, of course, some New Zealand adventures.  Southeast Asia:Part 2 may come along as well, though we may end up saving some for an end-of-trip, extra artsy, grand finale short film.  We’ll see.  For now, enjoy the photos.

…our latest love/hate backpacking trip from the Northern Territory is coming soon.

your video editor,



One response

  1. Jesse Littlefield

    I was wondering about the videos! Looking forward to the next installment but you deserve some relaxation!

    July 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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